🎥 Our Current Experiments (part 2): The Elevate Dataviz Show #2

🎥 Our Current Experiments (part 2): The Elevate Dataviz Show #2

A monthly video chat between Alli Torban, Duncan Geere, Gabrielle Merite, and Will Chase where we explore current topics in data visualization, our creative inspiration, the tools and techniques that we use, and questions asked by you!

Last episode, Will and Duncan shared what they're experimenting with in their dataviz practice.

In this episode, Gabby and Alli share what they're experimenting with right now and how they're integrating it into their work. Watch on YouTube (and subscribe to our channel!) or press play below.

Next episode we'll explore a new topic and as a member, you'll be able to watch and ask questions live! This show recording is public, so please feel free to share it with your dataviz friends. 🤗

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