Elevate Live: A Dataviz Mini-Conf

A hand holding a megaphone with flowers coming out of it. Text reads "Elevate Live, by all"

We're excited to announce that the Elevate Dataviz learning community will be putting on a free half-day mini-conference for all enthusiasts of dataviz and information design πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

What: A series of 15-minute talks from our members on all sorts of topics related to dataviz and information design, lightning talks, a Q&A with a special guest Danielle Alberti, and a Q&A with our mentors: Will Chase, Alli Torban, Duncan Geere, and Gabrielle Merite.

[this event has passed, watch the recording below or on YouTube]


  • 00:06:01 Q&A with Danielle Alberti! ✨
  • 00:52:05 Marilia Ferreira da Cunha: What can data visualisation learn from international relations?
  • 01:12:30 Tristan Guillevin: The forever beginners' path
  • 01:48:02 Julian Hernandez: How to use design thinking in dashboard creation
  • 02:15:00 Silvia HΓΌttner: A map exploration of street names in Gothenburg
  • 02:43:02 Cheryl Braus: Quick tips for customizing Plotly charts
  • 02:58:07 Maggie Shi: Principles of infographic layoutβ€”my lessons from other people's work
  • 03:05:01 Jayeola Gbenga: How I visualized Africa's data governance capabilities
  • 03:15:20 Angelica Hom: How collecting data can harm or save lives
  • 03:31:20 Mentor's Q&A with Alli Torban, Duncan Geere, Will Chase and Gabrielle Merite

When: Tuesday, June 28. Beginning 15:00 UTC (11pm Singapore, 4pm London, 5pm Berlin, 11am NYC, 8am LA, convert to other timezones)

Why: To celebrate dataviz and learn from each other! A lot of conferences amplify the voices of people that are already semi-famous, we're excited to be featuring new voices from among our learning community. The lineup is chock-full of people with different backgrounds and skillsets, so you're sure to learn something new.

Who: Β Our lineup is made up of members of our community from confirmed to new voices sharing their insights and path in the data visualization field.