Build a Portfolio Challenge — Week 1: Pick Your Projects

Build a Portfolio Challenge — Week 1: Pick Your Projects

Duncan here, kicking off a new Elevate challenge. Over the next four weeks, we'll walk you through the process of putting together a simple portfolio.

A portfolio is vital to show potential clients and employers what you can do. But it's also an opportunity to showcase how you work, giving people who see it an insight into your personal approach to information design. For more on this, check out our article on when you might want a portfolio.

Do You Need a Portfolio?
Level up your data visualization skills.

By the time you've completed this challenge, you'll have a simple but finished portfolio ready to share with the world. Here's an outline of how the next four weeks will pan out.

  • Week 1: Pick your projects
  • Week 2: Document your work
  • Week 3: Choose where to publish
  • Week 4: Final build

Let's dive straight in.

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